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Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dresses

At Tre Bella we find ourselves super picky. Not in a horrible "omg, that looks atrocious" type of way, but in a "omg, this is literally the bees knees and I love everything about it." The latter is how we feel about our newest shipment of Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses. This is our top reason for always featuring her work in our downtown Durham, NC boutique; it's perfection in the prettiest grandiose form. Featured below are a few of our favorite bridesmaid dresses we just unwrapped from the packaging. Brand new! We may be in love just a tad bit! If you find yourself completely swooned (like we know you'll be) after reading this blog, then please call Kiley at our Tre Bella Boutique store and schedule your bridesmaids appointment. 
Featured above is the Annabelle Printed Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dress featured in blush tulle. We love Jenny Yoo because of the brands diversity. The shoulder portion of this can actually be tied around the waist for a cute bow, or tied to one shoulder, or even worn down for that sweetheart look. The whole style can be catered towards each personality of your bridal party. One girl can rock the one shoulder, while the other can stick to her roots with a sweet bow. This is the same for a good portion of her dresses including the one shown below. 
The beautiful Jenny Yoo dress shown above is the Demi Dress in Smokey Amethyst Jersey Knit. Its bold and simple at the same time. The way the light hits this dress makes for a beautiful gown in photographs. When looking at this dress on the hanger, one may be uncertain of how the rare fabric feels. We have to admit, we were worried about the material feeling heavy. In all actuality, the dress is simply perfect and may actually be one of our favorite fabrics! It helps smoothe things out, and helps give a beautiful silhouette on any of its owners. Take note in the diversity of the sashes that can tie in many ways. 
Now this, this is just adorable and we can't take our hands off of this beauty! Shown above is the result of a two piece bridesmaid dress/skirt. This Lucy Skirt in cameo pink tulle is paired with the Thea Top in blush and gold lace. Obviously, you can mix and match with other options, but we love how this option came out! This is perfect for your bridesmaids because, in all actuality, they will definitely wear this again. If we had this tulle skirt, we would make sure to wear it every day! 
And then there is this! The result of a bolder pairing with the most adorable top to boot. Featured is the Lucy Skirt in a lavender multiprinted tulle. Is this not amazing? We think so, too! We paired it with the Samantha Top in misty grey and silver lace. Your bridesmaids are surely to walk down the aisle in style with you in this dress!
The bridesmaid dress featured above is the Maia Convertible Dress in lilac tulle. This dress is light, airy, and a just an all around fun dress. This dress is perfect not only for your bridesmaids, but also as a cocktail or evening dress. We love the pattern at the top, and the fact that you can use the tulle in different styles, like the one shoulder, bow, or halter. 

All photographs by Nikki with Fancy This Photography
  • Post author
    Rebecca Simmons

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