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Spring Cleaning

This weather, ya'll! It's felt so good here in Durham, NC!  Our Downtown Durham, NC boutique has never seen so much foot traffic come through the doors, we love that the good weather brings us awesome shoppers! 

With the weather feeling so great, it has us going home and redecorating our own house for the spring time! Do you know what has made the biggest difference, even in the smallest of spaces? Pillows.

Yes, pillows. A throw pillow, a decorative pillow, a seasonal pillow. To our guests it looks like we magically brought these spring pillows out just for their arrival. In actuality, they are a simple adornment that we keep in special places until the weather decides to shine bright. They, literally, make the room brighter and show off as an inviting home comfort. 

Take a look at some of our favorites sold right here in our Durham boutique store and even online (some even on sale, too!).


Pillows made by The Royal Standard.

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